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31 Ways to Use Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea

From the folks at Quality U.S. Products
(Also see their recent tea review.)

31 Ways To Use Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea

1.Make it for breakfast, snack or dessert with hot home-baked bread or muffins.

2.Give it as a hostess gift.

3.Add it to a gift basket (make it tea-themed!)

4.Host a tea party.

5.Gift it to a friend in the hospital.

6.Send it in a care package to a college student.

7.Drink it in lieu of coffee during your morning devotional.

8.Send some with a get well card or gift.

9.Make iced tea on a hot day.

10.Sooth allergies and throats with peppermint.

11.Give it as a pastor’s wife/family appreciation gift.

12.Create a “tea room” (or nook) for your devotional or prayer time.

13.Use leftover tea as mulch for potted plants, flower beds or vegetable gardens.

14.Donate boxes to a church food pantry, soup kitchen, homeless or women’s shelter, or orphanage kitchen.

15.Tell your mom how much you love her and thank her for her prayers.

16.Send a box to a teachers lounge at a Christian school.

17.Bless a nurses station at a hospital (make sure they have a staff kitchenette to store and prepare it).

18.Make up a homeschool lesson surrounding topics like “tea history, growing, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, business, and serving the Lord, with scriptural application.”

19.Serve hot tea in disposable cups to those who have to work out in the cold (husbands, neighbors shoveling the driveway or plowing snow).

20.Slip an individual bag into a greeting card with a warm message: “I found these excellent teas! Sorry I can’t be there. . . pull up a chair and enjoy these as if I am!”

21.Give it to extended family at Christmas time.

22.Ward off colds in winter.

23.Make “Red Chai” flavored ice-cream.

24.Investigate new recipes involving tea, or try mixing different fruit juices, spices, milks or honey.

25.If your church serves coffee before or after services, serve it in baskets or on platters with a hot water dispenser.

26.Serve it to your Sunday School or small group.

27.Set aside time to share the tea with your grandmother or other relatives, especially if they are home bound.

28.Donate it to veteran’s family support service locations or staff, such as Fischer Houses, or to Arlington Ladies.

29.Bring it on vacation to keep eyes on God as you and your family enjoy time away.

30.Make Shepherd’s “sweet tea” Popsicles.

31.Make it a conversation starter, and let the Lord lead you!

A Tea Review: Celebrate Spring with TWO HOT NEW TEA FLAVORS From Shepherd’s Garden!

By Quality U.S. Products

This winter broke many records. From all time coldest daily highs to record numbers of days below zero in cities like Chicago. New vocabulary words like “polar vortex” managed to intrude into the vocabulary.

But spring is starting to show its colors here, finally, and what better way to celebrate than with two piping hot new flavors from Shepherd’s Garden- Vanilla Almond Rooibos and Spicy Red Chai.

About Shepherd’s Garden Tea

Last year I posted about this fabulous and unique American company’s organic tea.

Varieties range from White Peach and Peppermint, to Green Chai and Cranberry Orange Roobios. Shepherd’s garden purposefully does not use oxidized black tea in their mixtures, going instead for white, green and roobios teas accented by organic herbs, spices, and natural flavorings. Its USA made and packaged, and the peppermint flavor (which is awesome) is 100% domestic grown PURE peppermint- and it is divine.

As you can see, though, the biggest perk to Shepherd’s Garden are the Bible verses dotting every tea bag tab with inspiration from God’s Word. While few things beat the cold like hot, gorgeous tea, nothing soothes the soul more than the tender loving words of God. Its like nothing else in the pantry. 😉 Click here to continue reading.

Review: Cranberry Orange Shepherd’s Tea -In uncertain times, Shepherd’s Garden Tea is “affordable, healthful, and meaningful product”

From Tea Reviews
“In a time when life and the future are uncertain for many, often troubling and stressful, Shepherd’s Tea is an affordable, healthful, and meaningful product for today’s consumer.” -Shepherd’s Garden Tea

It isn’t often that a for-profit company gives me a warm-cozy feeling inside. But Shepherd’s Garden Tea has managed to do it. Their website, the motif on their boxes, their prices, and their flavors all emit an old-fashioned, “at your Grandma’s House” sort of vibe. Bible verses on the tea tags, like fortunes inside a cookie, are a fun addition to tea time. My friend and I both gushed, “What does your say?” as we sat down over a cup of their Organic Cranberry Orange Rooibos. . . .

Boy am I glad I tried this tea! It smells very much like my homemade cranberry sauce: citrus-y with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. . . . I wasn’t expecting much of the taste, of course, but it utterly pleased and surprised me. Continue reading.

Tea Review: Peach White Bible Verse Tea is “Pretty tasty stuff!”

From It’s All in the Leaf

For a bagged tea purveyed by a modestly small little-known operation in   Montana, this is pretty tasty stuff! . . . This tea is neither froofy nor flowery, but fruity, and in a very pleasant way. . . . A finished cup yields an   attractive, clear gold liquid. The peach flavor tastes natural and not chemical.   The strawberry leaf is detectible and a nice complement. . . And the good folks at Shepherd’s Tea have added a lovely packaging tweak to pass   that time peacefully–a carefully chosen Scripture verse (King James for   Elizabethan flavor) to refresh your weary spirit while you wait.  Click here to read entire review.

Chai Green Tea Review – “Warm comforting cuppa”

From The Tea Review Blog

Chai Green Bible Verse Tea from The Shepherd’s Garden “Warm  comforting cuppa”

This is a very aromatic chai.  I can smell the “usual spices” (that is, the spices one would often find in a chai) such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.  I also smell a hint of fennel, allspice and nutmeg, which are three spices that are not always found in chai, but it is certainly a wonderful surprise when I find a chai that does have them.  The cup smells deliciously warm and comforting – and that translates into the flavor as well.

The spices present a strong set of flavors:  warm and spicy, peppery, nutty, and sweet.  The vanilla adds a creamy, sweet element, while the fennel gives the cup a hint of licorice-y flavor. Continue reading.

The Shepherd’s Garden Wholesome Tea: A Review

By Ellen Pope

If you’ve ever studied or experienced the benefits of drinking tea, you’re familiar with how healthy it is! From the mineral and high “anti-oxidant” content, to the soothing warmth, easy gentle flavor, pleasantly sweet aroma … I believe God made tea, like many different foods, to help keep us healthy and even ward off illness.

I’ll never forget the first time I discovered that quality. I had been preparing for exams, was very stressed, and I didn’t need a cold, but I could feel one coming on. My throat hurt, my nose had gone haywire and I felt … miserable. That’s when I got the sudden urge to make hot tea.

As I sat, away from the books, with the small cup, I drank it down and prayed for relief. Suddenly I felt a lot better. The cold receded, and by the time I had finished, I felt 100% better. It was the most extraordinary sensation, as I’ve never something pass that quickly. I got up knowing that I wasn’t going to get that cold, and I thanked God.

Since then, I’ve kept the memory as a special reminder of the power of prayers (and there’s been many reminders!), the importance of staying in God’s rest and peace, as well as His provision of real natural “food” which He specifically designed to nourish the body’s many systems. I use tea for that, and so many reasons.

When I discovered that Lighthouse Trails was going to create tea by the name “The Shepherd’s Garden,” which came with scripture on every bag, I knew that it was going to be special, and I wanted to try it. Named for the One who created the tea, Shepherd’s Garden offers us a truly unique line of 100% natural organic teas, with a solid intent to take the gospel out.

For a long time now, Lighthouse Trails has been producing food for the body of Christ, through their books and extensive research to expose the un-Biblical roots of new age “Christianity” and meditation. Now, with the introduction of Shepherd’s Garden products, readers have one more great way to share the Gospel and “feed” the body of Christ, as each verse directs its reader to the real point of “meditation:” Jesus Christ.

As of this date, 2011, I have tried each of the Shepherd’s Garden varieties: Peppermint, PeachWhite , Cranberry Orange Rooibios, and Chai Green – all Organic. All of them are absolutely fantastic. My husband and I agree that they are the best we’ve ever had, and the Scriptures only make it that much more incredible.

I plan to get several boxes to give away this Christmas, and keep some for myself. One of the most exciting uses I’ve found is for giving in cards. By placing each carefully chosen verse in a card, letter, gift, and thank-you, or sending by a box for occasion, you not only spread the message of Jesus, but support those that are laboring for Him too. Each box of Lighthouse Trails tea is a direct contribution to the work of LHT, and a way to “get out the word” on their work. It is, I think, a truly awesome pairing of the Light of God’s love, and a simple item we use all the time: the tip of the humble tea bag.

Thanks to Lighthouse Trails for the work that they do, for offering a truly great product, and honoring God with every endeavor. The Shepherd’s Garden tea is certainly doing that in our home, and so many others.

What Other’s Are Saying About Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I had just expected another flavored tea, but this is not like anything I have ever encountered! And, the FLAVOR is so natural and so subtle yet very “there.” This is without a doubt the BEST tea I have EVER had in my life!! Surely the idea came from God and truly this tea is from the Shepherd’s Garden! I pray everyone has the same delightful and enjoyable experience with their first cup of this “heavenly” tea. Joetta, Kenya, Africa
I just wanted to tell you thank you for your tea samples. I am enjoying both; the peppermint and chai. I have never had a peppermint tea so good. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like the peppermint to be rightly prepared, with a strong peppermint taste without bitterness. The peppermint is enjoyable in the mouth even in between swalows! Better than i’ve ever had!! The Chai was also quite enjoyable!! Kim, Canada
Your teas are outstanding, excellent flavor and quality! … the Scriptures have opened some doors too. Praise the Lord! Kathleen, Florida
Your tea is so smooth that one does not need sweetener or cream with it. Even my husband, who sweetens everything, doesn’t ask for cream or sweetener.Barbara, Texas
I gave a tea combo pack to a friend for Christmas. She and her husband
put a teabag at the place of each person sitting at their Christmas lunch
table of 6, including guests. They went around the table and each person
read his/her verse, and then all of them thought together about what each
verse was saying. It was a nice way to use the tea and to introduce
Scripture to the event. B.G., Texas
I received my order of Shepherd’s Tea today. I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you I’m sitting in my jammies, bathrobe, & slippers right now enjoying a cup of Shepherd’s Tea from Lighthouse Trails. So tasty! Thank you! When I drink it, it reminds me to pray for you guys. I love the Bible verses. What a clever idea. God bless you and your ministry. J. in California
I love your new tea product & can’t wait to try them! Are any of them decaf? They are going to make great Christmas gifts. I think it’s a very fine way to support the ministry. God bless you for it, Ellen, U.S.
Hey I Did Not Know You Did Tea? That’s Great, Our Auto Repair Biss. Is Growing And When I Get The Office Done I will Be Ordering Some For My Customers. Don, U.S.
Hooray for you in offering tea. Perhaps I’ll start drinking tea now that I know I can do so without having new age tea boxes in my home…
Thank you for being a purveyor of tea whom I can trust. Truly, Christopher D., CT
My wife loves your Chai tea. It’s her morning drink now instead of coffee. She put in an order for a couple of boxes a few days ago. Thanks for making it available. Great Rooibos, too. My favorite evening drink. I’m going to be ordering some more of it in another day or so. K. in Alaska