Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer

1. Betraying Christ: Mike Bickle embraces ecumenism, Catholicism (video) 

2. Bickle’s Bible Botching (Spirit of Error)

3. IHOP-KC “partners” with Catholics for Onething Christian Conference 2012

4. Mike Bickle of IHOP wants book about Catholic Mystics to be “manual for IHOP-KC”

5. Mike Bickle admits Catholic Contemplatve influence on IHOP-KC ( Includes quote from a Catholic University P.R. office)

6.  Bickle instructs followers on contemplative prayer

7. IHOP openly promotes contemplative prayer, visualization (DiscernIt)

8. IHOP-KC’s Mike Bickle–powerful evangelist for contemplative prayer

9. IHOP-KC’s Mike Bickle on fake and “genuine” manifestations of the Holy Spirit

10. Like Priscilla Shirer, IHOP-KC has taught people to imagine themselves as characters in Bible stories

11.  Catholic Church participating in IHOP-KC Onething 2015 convention 

12. Mike Bickle: “There’s no biblical definition for contemplative prayer” 

13. Francis Chan: “I just gotta say, man, I still love Mike Bickle” 

14. Francis Chan’s spiritual blindness

2 Responses to “Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer”

  • George Hobson:

    It seems as if your website is an anti Pentecostal/Charismatic pro cessationalist website. Granted there are abuses but you throw the baby out with the bathwater. Be careful not to offend the Holy Spirit.

    • mywordlikefire:

      Not anti-Pentecostal at all, if by Pentecostal you mean traditional conservative Pentecostalism–those who believe in the gifts of the Spirit (as did Martyn Lloyd Jones, by the way) but are far more conservative in application. Unfortunately, what we usually see today is hyper charismania. Unfortunately, traditional Pentecostalism is on its last legs. It has been swamped by hypercharismania, brought in by wolves dressed as sheep.

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