Children's Bible Verse Coloring Book Set - 22 Coloring Books

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The Shepherd's Garden is located in the beautiful state of Montana just west of the Rocky Mountains and south of the Canadian border. Owners David and Deborah Dombrowski began the tea company under the umbrella of their publishing company, Lighthouse Trails Publishing. Since 2002, Lighthouse Trails has published a number of books and DVDs, all with the highest standard of quality and excellence.

The Shepherd's Garden is an extension of that workmanship. The teas have been carefully blended to perfection, and Scripture verses have been chosen with the blessing, encouragement, and comfort of the customer in mind. The combination of organic tea and a Bible verse on a tag on every tea bag is unique, and we believe, will be a product consumers will buy again and again for themselves, their loved ones, co-workers, and friends.

In a time when life and the future are uncertain for many, often troubling and stressful, Shepherd's Bible Verse Tea is an affordable, healthful, and meaningful product for today's tea drinker.