Children's Bible Verse Coloring Book Set - 22 Coloring Books

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Husband Loves the Verses

My unsaved husband likes tea and is in the process of trying one of the teas you sent.  But what is even better: he was anxious to read the Bible verse on the tag.  I have never been able to get him to read any Bible verse before so praise God, he actually read a verse of his own accord.  What a blessing that was to me!  I've been praying that God would soften his heart and who knew one little thing that you sent would help in that regard? J. D., U.S.A.


These teas took me by surprise! I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered, and I couldn't have been happier. The Peach White, Red Chai, and Vanilla Almond Rooibos were pleasant through and through. And the peppermint tea smelled so good, I joked I would use them as sachets throughout my house. None of the teas had a bitter aftertaste. (In fact, I didn't realize the teas I used before had a bitter aftertaste until I drank these. The difference was noticeable.) I shared my sampler box with my mom and intend to become a regular customer. Thank you! This was such a wonderful discovery. Lindsay, Arizona

Extraordinary Flavor

I want to thank you for sending my order of "Shepherds Tea" pack which I received quite some time age now. Yes, I am enjoying my tea very much, and I must say the taste and flavour is quite extraordinary. Nothing like it. Can't get into the normal teas again!!! F.L., Australia

Chai Tea Replaced Her Morning Coffee

My wife loves your Chai tea. It's her morning drink now instead of coffee. She put in an order for a couple of boxes a few days ago. Thanks for making it available. Great Rooibos, too. My favorite evening drink. I'm going to be ordering some more of it in another day or so. K. in Alaska

Never Had a Peppermint Tea So Good

I just wanted to tell you thank you for your tea samples. I am enjoying both; the peppermint and chai. I have never had a peppermint tea so good. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like the peppermint to be rightly prepared, with a strong peppermint taste without bitterness. The peppermint is enjoyable in the mouth even in between swallows! Better than i've ever had!! The Chai was also quite enjoyable!! Kim, Canada

Scriptures Have Opened Doors

Your teas are outstanding, excellent flavor and quality! ... the Scriptures have opened some doors too. Praise the Lord! Kathleen, Florida

So smooth . . . they don't even need sweetener

Your tea is so smooth that one does not need sweetener or cream with it. Even my husband, who sweetens everything, doesn't ask for cream or sweetener. Barbara, Texas

Used Shepherd's Bible Verse Tea at Special Christmas Gathering

I gave a tea combo pack to a friend for Christmas. She and her husband put a teabag at the place of each person sitting at their Christmas lunch table of 6, including guests. They went around the table and each person read his/her verse, and then all of them thought together about what each verse was saying. It was a nice way to use the tea and to introduce Scripture to the event. B.G., Texas

I love the Bible Verses

I received my order of Shepherd's Tea today. I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you I'm sitting in my jammies, bathrobe, & slippers right now enjoying a cup of Shepherd's Tea from Lighthouse Trails. So tasty! Thank you! When I drink it, it reminds me to pray for you guys. I love the Bible verses. What a clever idea. God bless you and your ministry. J. in California

Peppermint Tea - Will Knock Your Perverbial Socks Off!

I am confident that if you try Shepherd's Tea you will find that it has flavor more unique, robust, and enjoyable than any other tea I can think of on the market. The Peppermint will knock your perverbial socks off! Ray Yungen, Oregon, author, researcher

Outstanding Quality and Price

I just tried Shepherd's Garden Tea, and the quality and price on such a unique and helpful product is outstanding, with the proceeds go to supporting the greatest cause there is! G, USA

Will Use in Auto Business

Hey I Did Not Know You Did Tea? That's Great, Our Auto Repair Biss. Is Growing And When I Get The Office Done I will Be Ordering Some For My Customers. Don, U.S.

A Purveyor of Tea I can Trust

Hooray for you in offering tea. Perhaps I'll start drinking tea now that I know I can do so without having new age tea boxes in my home... Thank you for being a purveyor of tea whom I can trust. Truly, Christopher D., CT

Absolutely Wonderful!

I have tried all the Shepherd's Garden Bible Verse teas, Organic Peppermint, Peach, Cranberry Roobios, and Chai, and all of them are absolutely wonderful in quality, taste, and in every way. I plan to get several boxes to give away, even in cards as individual packets, and some to keep for my own personal time as well. Ellen P., USA

Our Go to Tea!

This is our go to tea! Low caffeine and a delicious fragrance and mellow flavour! We love it. Lenore, Canada

Love Peach White Tea

We have been ordering and drinking this white peach tea for about four years now and still enjoy it. It is good hot or iced. My mother is 92 years old and has Alzheimer's. She came to live with us several months ago. She always chooses the white peach over any other. I would like Remaining Faithful Through It All. Love always. Deborah, USA

Great Tea!

Tea shipped quickly and was well recieved in my house! This blend is excellent for my friends who are caffeine sensitive but still appreciate a flavorful brew. The bible verse tags are a great conversation starter and have been useful in directing friends and family to this ministry's other resources. Riley, Washington

Nice Variety

The teas have a very delicious and strong taste, not weak like some teas. I am very pleased with them all! I especially love the Bible verses attached to the tea bags. It is a wonderful way to remember to focus on the Lord, and it gives me encouragement throughout my day! Thank you! Tanna, Montana