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By Sadie D. on 17 Apr. 2019 :
Product rated : Combo Pack - 4 Boxes of Tea (Your Choice)

A gift for my pastor and his wife in Knoxville, TN.

By Anne C. on 12 March 2019 :
Product rated : Spicy Red Chai - Bulk Tea Bags (100 Bags)

My Favorite Chai Tea

This is my favorite chai tea! I like flavorful tea, so I usually opt for black tea based tea, but this rooibos tea has a good strength and the best chai flavor that is not dependent on cinnamon like so many others are. I don't sweeten my tea, so I love that this has a warm cozy flavor with no bitterness. I really miss this tea when I am out of it, which is why I'm ordering 100 bags right now. Try it, or you're missing out on possibly the best chai tea around.

By Sadie D. on 09 March 2019 :
By Sharon R. on 17 Oct. 2018 :
Product rated : Bible Verse Tea Sampler Box

Nice gift!

I love giving the sampler box as a gift. All of the Shepherd's Garden teas are exceptionally good quality with organic ingredients and natural flavors that are not overpowering. The box itself is beautiful and festive looking, perfect for anyone on any occasion, and the variety of teas are guaranteed to please every person on your list.

By Sharon R. on 17 Oct. 2018 :
Product rated : Peach White Bible Verse Tea


I love this tea! It has just the right natural peach flavor that doesn't overpower the subtle white tea. The perfect amount of caffeine for my mornings, and beautiful, meaningful Bible verses to start the day.

By Deborah D. on 24 Jan. 2018 :
Product rated : Chai Green Bible Verse Tea